A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Our Rainbow Colored Ambassador Roy G. Biv is off on an intergalactic voyage on his specially built ship, the Palettin, to find new, more colorful locations at the edges of the universe. However, on his travels he found himself on hostile territory, filled with enemies that range all colors the human eye can see, with just as much variety of weaponry! Without a weapon to defend himself, since he's such a peaceful Ambassador, he must avoid the enemies or else!

Technicolor Hyperdrive is an Endless Runner but with a twist! You fly along a rail and avoid enemy fire to the best of your ability! The field will get more and more dense as time goes on! Will you be able to handle the onslaught?



Simple Gameplay (Only movement!)

Two Difficulty modes (Dare you take on the Hardcore Difficulty?)

Nine Enemies (With Nine differently colored lasers!)

Infinite Gameplay (That's right! Play on till infinity!)

Multi-Platform Download! (Mac, and PC)

Install instructions

General: Unzip the Folder

Windows: Click on the Technicolor Hyperdrive Executable (Must have the Technicolor Hyperdrive Data Folder in the same directory)

Mac: Click on the Technicolor Hyperdrive Mac Folder, click on the executable within the folders.


Technicolor Hyperdrive.zip 91 MB